Service contracts are not mandatory, but they can be a particularly useful tool to help you get the services you need to live your life and achieve the goals set out in your NDIS plan. And while they seem intimidating to set up, they`re usually very simple, especially considering the security they can provide. Another example is the Equality Act, which would influence the development of a policy such as the recruitment policy referred to earlier. One of the most important customer-focused policies and procedures is policy, which describes the process of integrating customers into a department. This is an important area to maintain consistency of approach among employees in a department and to ensure that the customer clearly understands their rights and obligations when choosing the service. This policy also ensures that an incident, when it occurs, is properly reported in accordance with the CODA Service Policy and state/federal legislation. CODA aims to minimize incidents by documenting, reviewing and addressing the negative consequences of incidents. To ensure that you always work in compliance with policies and procedures, you must: Failure to comply with policies and procedures can cause embarrassing mistakes that damage your own professional reputation and, even worse, cause unnecessary harm and fear to clients. We believe we can help you exercise your right to make decisions on issues that affect you by ensuring that: Involve employees in the development and implementation of workplace policies to promote greater awareness, understanding and ownership of the outcome. .