It is recommended that all pilot tenants take out tenant insurance through a serious business. If aircraft damage is due to use by the tenant, the tenant is responsible for repairing the damage. No exceptions can be made to this responsibility of the tenants. The pilot tenant may also be responsible for the loss of the aircraft`s use. In case our insurance does not cover damage to aircraft, the tenant is required to cover the cost of damage. Tenant pilots report damage or problems with the aircraft that were observed during the pre-flight so as not to be held responsible for the problem. Flight anomalies are reported to Above – Beyond Aviation, George Farris 512 415 2466, after each flight and written in the corresponding section on the forms provided. Pilots are responsible for the damage previously caused to the aircraft if they do not report the damage to Above-Beyond Aviation before flying. Any damage caused, whether minor or significant, should be immediately reported to Above Beyond Aviation staff. No departing pilot may withdraw a plane for a period of eight hours or more without declaring himself prepared to pay rent of at least two hours a day on weekdays or three hours a day on weekends or holidays.

The objective is to prevent the aircraft from being used for short flights which, on the whole, have less flight time than the minimums of Aviation Above – Beyond, but that the aircraft is not available to other tenants, but exceptions can be made with the written permission of Above – Beyond Aviation. Above – Beyond Aviation will try to meet your needs while responding equitably to all tenants. An additional flight time of $10 per hour will be charged to pilots who fly without a block account. Aircraft rentals, flight courses, deliveries and other goods and services offered by Above – Beyond Aviation must be paid at the time of the transaction. If a negative account balance is not fully paid within 30 days, the financing fee is 1.5% per month (effective annual rate of 19.61%). is applied to the client`s account. The tenant agrees to land only at paved public airports, except in case of emergency. Exceptions can be made by written agreement with Above – Beyond Aviation.

CFIs recognize that aircraft rentals are only for personal use. Business instructions or outside of Above – Beyond Aviation are not permitted. All tenant pilots are committed to complying with all Federal Aviation Rules (FAR) and to maintaining and competently maintaining the types of aircraft for which they may be leased. If there is a need for aircraft maintenance at an airport other than Above and Beyond Aviation, the tenant pilot undertakes not to handle part of the aircraft, but to call Above -Beyond Aviation for further instructions. Off-field fuel and oil will be reimbursed. There will be no refund for tie or shed fees. Receipts must remain with the Hobbs laptop. Night flights: Unless the tenant pilot completes a night check-up with an Above -Beyond aviation monitor, the tenant can only schedule day flights. The derogations from this directive are instrument pilots and pilots who have logged at least 10 hours of night flying and who have nighttime power. Students at Above Beyond Aviation who have received night courses as part of their training and who now have a private pilot`s licence can also plan aircraft for night flying.